Manage your shop (s) efficiently with Digitrust Point Of Sale(POS) Software

CUstomer management

Manage all your customers data including phone numbers, emails, orders, invoices and more with few clicks.


Get insights on your profit and losses with a few clicks. Our POS system allows you to see how much profit you are making in a day, week, month or even the financial year

sales and expenses

Get Detailed Overview of your business' cash inflow and outflow. Track every penny that enters or leaves your business.
Get daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports of how your business is doing.

TAXes (GST,VAT ready)

Add taxes to product pricing, calculate all relevant taxes and levies without any hassle. With our Point Of Sale Software, you need not worry about paper works with it has to do with taxes and related levies.


Get access to your business information and operations from any part of the world, on any device. With either a mobile phone, tablet or PC, you can see what's going on with your business.

products management

Manage and monitor products easily with few clicks. You can easily track stock quantity, product performance & more.

trending products

With our trending products feature, you are able to understand the performance of every single product in your shop. This helps you to make decisions when restocking

manage multiple branches

Manage multiple branches with one single software. Transfer stocks between shops. Monitor sales and expenses for various shops all from one software and devices. Talk to us today!


Give your customers a reference to shop again. With our POS, you can generate clean receipts for every sale you make. These receipts contain your business info for clients to always reach you back.

no data loss + security

Your business information are saved on highly secured cloud servers with daily automatic backups. This Means there is no need to fear for data loss or vulnerability.

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Frequently asked questions

A point of sale software allows you to keep good records of all your business activities.

We have prices from yearly, offline and lifetime offers. 

This software is for any business that deals with customers, products and services. From boutiques, pharmacies, Retail and Wholesale Shops etc.

As a top notch technology services agency, we take our support system seriously. We ensure that our customers get the best assistance they need and on time.

If you love our POS Software and want to get it setup for your business, you can simply call our sales team on +233545588456 or 0545064096

Digitization is very essential for every business’ growth and most especially in this Digital Age. Contact Us

Our clients say

"Digitrust Ghana's POS Software has helped me kept an eye on my pharmacy very well. Gone are the days when i had to write all my sales in a notebook. Now I have to liberty to leave my pharmacy to an employee because I know my data is 100% monitored. "
JennyAidoo Chemist - Accra
"Kiksapp Pharmacy has benefited greatly from Digitrust Ghana's POS software. We have used this software for 2 years now. As a wholesale company, a software as fast and reliable as this has helped saved us a lot of time. We can now served more customers than we'd have with manual records"
Godwin Dei
Kiksapp Pharmacy - Abeka - Lapaz