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If you are looking for the best CRM  software available, your search ends here. Digitrust Now offers a CRM software that caters to the needs of all service based businesses.

Unlock success with Digitrust CRM Solution

Proper Management

Streamline operations, organize data, enhance customer relationships, and ensure efficient business processes

Business and Staff Monitoring

Monitor metrics, track employee performance, and improve accountability for better business outcomes.

Sales and leads generation

Boost sales, automate lead management, and close deals faster with our powerful sales tools.

Collaborate effectively

Foster teamwork, share information, and work seamlessly, whether in the office or remotely.

Transactional Reports

Access detailed, customizable reports for data-driven decision-making and business growth optimization

CRM software for every business

We provide an extremely intuitive and secure CRM solution, with controlled access to real-time analysis and reporting facilities. It enables management to monitor the overall performance and profitability of their business, store by store, department by department, item by item and employee by employee. Whether you simply need a way to manage your financials and inventory on-premise or in the cloud, or you need a comprehensive customer relationship management system, we have a solution that meets the needs of your growing business.

Plans to support you and your business

Upgrade or cancel at any time. No long-term contracts, commitments or hidden fees.

Monthly plan

Includes hosting

Yearly plan

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Includes hosting

One-time Plan

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self hosting

Our Satisfied Customers

Many of our customers have continued to work with us for years. That’s because we take ownership of our work and ensure every customer gets the most out of their technology investment.

Need Help?

Digitrust CRM software FAQs

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, you can reach out to us through our live Chat or visit our contact Us page for further assistance

The yearly plan is the most popular and most recommended because it gives you the chance to properly explore the benefits that comes with our CRM software.

The software plan can always be upgraded but your previous plan would be forfeited.

Yes, it can be customized into a white label as per your requirements.

The first month comes with free support and training, but technical support is still available after one month.

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